Entrepreneur3 min read
Stop Sacrificing Your Future by Clinging to Your Past
I was at a bar recently with MICK, a successful DJ who spins for celebrities and big brands, and we were discussing his future. He has ambitious plans to expand his business, but like any entrepreneur, he’s also concerned: Can he pull it off? What if
Entrepreneur2 min read
How an Old Photo Helped a Cancer Survivor Focus on His Dream -- of Making Ice Cream
Now in 5,000 grocery stores, the founder of Vice Cream shares how he found inspiration after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of lymphoma.
Entrepreneur5 min readEntrepreneurship
The CEO of the Girl Scouts Wants to Turn Today's Cookie Sellers Into Tomorrow's Powerful Female Entrepreneurs
Sylvia Acevedo is used to being the only woman in the room. The engineer and rocket scientist spent the bulk of her career at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, along with stints at Dell and IBM, but she never doubted herself in those rarefied settings. That
Entrepreneur7 min read
Simply the Best: the Top Franchises in 110 Categories
These 110 franchises have all found a way to be at the peak of their industry in the present day.
Entrepreneur3 min readBusiness Biography & History
How This Company Went From $10,000 in the Bank to a Baby-Care Empire Sold in 30,000 Stores
Fridababy became a baby-care juggernaut by first importing products to the U.S. that new mothers didn't know they needed.
Entrepreneur5 min readTech
Can the Annual Review Be Replaced By an App?
More companies are turning to apps that offer real-time feedback from bosses, peers and subordinates alike. But do they work?
Entrepreneur3 min readBusiness Biography & History
Make Yourself Comfortable Inside SeatGeek's Office
The office is seen, affectionately, as a home away from home, which is perhaps why the company is attracting so much new talent.
Entrepreneur3 min readEntrepreneurship
6 Entrepreneurs Share the Bad Idea That Led to a Success
Good ideas are the product of bad ideas -- the failure leads us to success. So we asked six entrepreneurs: What was a bad idea that led to a great one? Related: The Simplest Test of Whether Your Business Idea Is Good or Bad “When we launched [job mar
Entrepreneur3 min read
Is Hiring a PR Firm Worth It?
Generating buzz on your business is almost always a good thing -- but when it comes at a high cost, what's the return on investment? Related: Public Relations Hacks You Can Use for Your Business Q: I’m trying to decide whether we should take the plun
Entrepreneur2 min read
A $20,000 Watch That Tells More Than Time
After struggling for years, an entrepreneur finally splurged -- and it pushed her to work harder.
Entrepreneur3 min read
How to Name (or in Some Cases, Rename) Your Company
Jennifer Fitzgerald is co-founder and CEO of Policygenius. But in 2013, when her company was starting out, it had a different name: KnowItOwl. “We thought it was a clever play on the term know-it-all,” she says. The company helps consumers find the r
Entrepreneur5 min readEntrepreneurship
6 Entrepreneurs Share the Brilliant, Crazy Ways They Took Their Companies From Pennies to Profit
Strapped for cash? You’re not alone. The business press may make it seem like every startup rakes in millions from VC firms, but in reality, many, many, many more entrepreneurs build without any cash infusion. And that often makes them smarter and sc
Entrepreneur13 min readCelebrity Biography & Memoir
The Craziest Plan That Worked: How Richard Rawlings Hustled His Way Into the TV Show 'Fast N' Loud,' Then Used It to Build a Multimillion-Dollar Brand
In the six years since 'Fast N' Loud' first aired, Richard Rawlings has turned Gas Monkey into a multimillion-dollar brand.
Entrepreneur14 min readFood & Wine
The Bourbon Industry Was Opposed to Change. Then Jefferson's Bourbon Started Changing Everything -- and Winning.
Trey Zoeller walks into Jack Fry’s, a Louisville bistro founded in the 1930s by a beat cop with the winnings from a fixed horse race (or so the story goes), takes a seat at the bar and orders us a couple bourbons. And then a couple more. And then som
Entrepreneur3 min readFashion & Beauty
She Wanted Better Lash Extensions, So She Made Her Own -- and Then Built an International Franchise
That old adage that beauty is pain? Jessica Le doesn’t buy it. After suffering through a costly four-hour eyelash-extension procedure in 2010, Le, a cosmetology graduate, set out to build a better system. Eventually she developed four lightweight las
Entrepreneur3 min read
Why This Halal Guys Fan Quit His Job to Open the Brand's First Franchise
Paul Tran used to be a consultant who helped franchises grow. Then he ditched the corporate job for life as a franchisee.
Entrepreneur2 min read
Starting a Franchise But Need Financing? Here's What to Do.
In theory, getting a loan for a franchise business should be easier than financing a new startup. You have brand recognition, a proven track record and hard data on your side. But even when armed with franchise facts and figures, convincing someone t
Entrepreneur9 min readSports & Recreation
What Do NFL Players Do When They Leave the Game? Increasingly, They Open a Franchise. Here's Why.
Franchisees thrive on the same skills pro athletes learn: speed, versatility and great coaching.
Entrepreneur5 min readEntrepreneurship
How Small Startups Can Profit From Competitor's Woes
With the right mix of speed, timing and guts, smart founders can profit hugely from their much, much, much larger rivals' misfortune.
Entrepreneur3 min readTech
Scaling Your Company to Always Serve Your Customers
Research shows customers are increasingly fickle. And as companies grow, founders tend to forget that.
Entrepreneur3 min readBusiness Biography & History
Inside Shopify's Intoxicating Distillery-Turned-Office Space
The ecommerce platform's headquarters was formerly a Seagram's distillery -- and the building's history is still showcased and celebrated.
Entrepreneur2 min read
This Entrepreneur's First Gift to Himself: a Huge House on the Shore
Steve Vicario married young, bought a house young and had to work three jobs just to keep the bills paid. But despite the pressure, he had ambition. “I told my wife, ‘One day we’re gonna have our own shore house,’” he says. “ ‘We’re gonna have the th
Entrepreneur3 min readLeadership & Mentoring
6 Founders Share What Still Scares Them About Entrepreneurship -- and How They Push Past These Fears
Launching a business is scary, and sometimes running one is even scarier. That's why we asked six seasoned founders: What piece of entrepreneurship still terrifies you, and how do you face it? “I’m petrified of my accountant. Coming from a creative b
Entrepreneur3 min read
After 90 Meetings in 90 Days, These Founders Finally Found Their Customer
After creating a potentially groundbreaking solution, two founders weren't sure whom to sell it to.
Entrepreneur3 min read
Ask These 3 Questions to Determine Where to Spend Your Marketing Dollars
Stretching your marketing dollars is imperative, especially when there aren't that many marketing dollars to stretch.
Entrepreneur13 min readEntrepreneurship
Turning Rejection Into Triumph: How Sarah Michelle Gellar and Her Co-Founders Built a New Baking Brand
As an actor, Sarah Michelle Gellar was used to rejection and uphill battles, but co-founding her startup, Foodstirs, has been a challenge like no other.
Entrepreneur15 min readEntrepreneurship
How Entrepreneurship Is Helping to Save Puerto Rico
After Hurricane Maria savaged Puerto Rico, a man named Jesse Levin used what he'd learned as an entrepreneur and applied it to disaster relief. And it worked.
Entrepreneur12 min readEntrepreneurship
Founders Share How They Survived a Major Crisis -- and What They Learned From It
From a client taking their company hostage to a competitor smearing their product, entrepreneurs share how they got through awful situations.
Entrepreneur3 min read
How This Franchisor Found Sweet Success With an Ice Cream Experiment
Creamistry's Jay Yim took a crazy experiment in his garage and grew it into a global ice cream brand.
Entrepreneur3 min readEntrepreneurship
A Buzzing Business: How These Entrepreneurs Turned a Longtime Annoyance Into Successful Careers in Pest Control
Mosquito Joe franchisees Kurt and Melissa Godwin share how their second career helped create a better work-life balance for them.
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